Le Beffroi de Dreux

The Tourism Office

Located in the heart of the historic city of Dreux, on the banks of the Blaise River

The Pays de Dreux Tourism Office is open all year round. On site, you will find brochures, a rich programme of events in the 81 communes of the Pays de Dreux Agglomeration, a shop, a ticket office and, of course, personalised advice on preparing your stay, which will make your visit to this area an unforgettable discovery!

Home and Dreux headquarters

Opening hours

  • Open from Monday to Saturday, closed on Tuesdays except in July and August.
  • From 16 March to 15 October: Monday to Saturday, except Tuesdays, from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm
  • From 16 October to 15 March: Monday to Saturday, except Tuesdays, from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5pm

  9 cour de l'Hôtel-Dieu, 28100 Dreux

 02 37 46 01 73


Anet Tourism Information Office

Opening hours

  • Monday to Sunday except Tuesday, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm.

 Place du Château, 28260 ANET

  02 37 41 49 09


Behind the scenes at the Pays de Dreux Tourism Office

Although the mission of welcoming tourists and residents remains the most visible and best known part of the Tourism Office's missions, it is far from being the only one!

The Tourism Office team is not a seasonal one! It has work to do all year round because a season is prepared and not limited to the summer.

A multitude of missions are developed by the Tourism Office team, from the accompaniment of professionals to the organisation of events, the Tourism Office never stops evolving and diversifying and leaves room for personalised advice.

But do you know the hidden side of the team's missions? Discover them!

At the helm, Hélène LEBORGNE, Director

She manages the team, ensuring the quality of services and reception. She is also an accountant and manager, as the Tourism Office has an annual budget. She prepares meetings with elected representatives and socio-professionals in the tourist industry.

Hélène is also consulted by project leaders. She participates in the definition of strategic tourism orientations, coordinates and pilots tourism projects. Her role is also to represent the Tourism Office to the media and to lead the network of tourism partners.


Mathilde, in charge of social networks. The digital expert!

In charge of the social networks, the website, the e-reputation and the CRM, Mathilde shows creativity to entertain the subscribers and to communicate on the events of the territory.

She also assists the territory's service providers in the digital development of their structure and keeps the link through the pro newsletter where she transmits articles concerning tourism news to all socio-pros. She updates the tourism database, draws up the team's schedules, welcomes new recruits and supervises the team when Hélène is absent.

Thibaut, a specialist in the riches of the region!

Every year, he works to draw up the programme of discovery activities. He proposes a calendar of annual activities to the inhabitants of the area and to tourists passing through. The programme includes two monthly visits, two daily visits on Tuesdays in July and August and two night-time walks at Christmas.

In addition, Thibaut lists all the events organised as part of the European Heritage Days and the Parks & Gardens event in order to draw up a complete programme for the area.

Élodie, the team's smile!

She is in charge of the reception and its smooth running. She also organises the Pays de Dreux tourist exchange, the essential meeting place for the region's socio-pros.

She is in charge of quality, which includes the Tourism Office's classification, Tourism & Handicap and the quality approach.

Finally, it is responsible for setting up a tourism observatory to measure the economic impact of tourism in the area.

Pauline, the specialist in gastronomy and accommodation!

Gourmet food is her field! Pauline goes out to meet all the new restaurateurs and accommodation providers in the area and is responsible for compiling information for the guide to accommodation, restaurants and venues in the area. It also carries out qualification visits to accommodation providers in the Pays de Dreux.

She manages and monitors the tourist tax and is responsible for selling advertising space for the Tourism Office's communication media.

In 2023, Pauline will be working with accommodation providers to offer them tips on sustainable development.

Perrine, the team's blogger!

What would tourism promotion be without communication? Perrine, who is in charge of communication for the Tourism Office, works hard to keep the Tourism Office's website blog alive, where she creates content and publishes numerous articles on tourism news from the Pays de Dreux.

She also promotes the site on social networks and sends out a newsletter every month to more than 2500 contacts.

Her overflowing imagination allows her to design all the communication materials distributed by the Tourism Office.

Samira, the local product finder!

The Tourism Office makes it a point of honour to promote the know-how of local producers and craftsmen in the area through its shop, much to the delight of visitors.

To do this, Samira, who is in charge of running the shop, works with local producers to find products that are 100% made in the Pays de Dreux. She is also the main manager of the Tourism Office, she takes care of the telephone reception and supports Elodie in welcoming visitors.

Not forgetting the collective missions carried out as a team throughout the year and because several people are stronger!

The entire Tourism Office team works together to collect and enter tourist data and produce communication materials (themed guides and tourist maps) each year. It also travels around the region to distribute the Tourism Office's communication materials to service providers and the 81 municipalities. The team travels the territory to produce photo reports.

The team also participates in the organisation and supervision of the Tourism Office's events and promotes the region at events outside the office.

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